by Among Giants

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Recorded by Jason Coker, mastered by John Rogers.


released June 1, 2010

Jason Coker, Sarah Hoffman, Daniel Chinchar, John Rogers.



all rights reserved


Among Giants Orlando, Florida

Greg Hughes
Zachary Anderson
Michael Eliassen

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Track Name: Dull Days
Dull days surround me, while the future isn’t looking good at least I’ll say the past was fun/ memories collapse me, tell me now how bringing down the world with me will do us good/ I’m keeping secrets, of what I did and what I did not no one knows what’s going on/ My family’s broken, crashing down the pillars that once kept us on our two legs/ I’m watching my best friend, leave me on the side of the road, helpless and long forgotten/Under a street sign, that says kid you are far from home, you need to learn to live on your own now.
Track Name: Four Legs
Four legs on the ground, sitting still for hours on end/Locked in and left alone, swivel around if you can overnight/Sure we are a mess, too dirty to be cleaned/The hand that was for helping, becomes a hand of need/Four legs on the ground, starring straight for hours on end/Sat on and no one knows, the true value that she holds/Sure we are a mess, no one else will clean it/The trash has left the house, this small house/Four legs on the ground, beneath my mother in her evening gown/Asking why are you weeping, she remembers the last forty years/She says, my daughter would you do it any different, I know things are bad but how can I change now/I’m working fifty hours works and raising children, I’m over seventy and I deserve to retire.
Track Name: Be Calm
Two worlds two lives in one, location perfection/Finally has a chance here/We both know this is good for us to learn how to, build off of one of each, each other/But if it’s distance you need I’m staying right put/Don’t tell me to go I’m living here too/This town is mine just as much as it’s yours/So keep to yourself or be calm/Some say this is a big mistake to pack up and leave, but I see more than just that/A new town to start fresh upon, a new town to live/A new town to explore, and wander/But if it’s distance you need I’m staying right put/Don’t tell me to go I’m living here too/This town is mine just as much as it’s yours/So keep to yourself or be calm.
Track Name: Fragile Bones
Old doorways always kept clean and in shape, knowing that when the liter fills these hallways/One might just trip over the loose items scattered, from what we forgot to pick up yesterday/I can feel I’m getting old, but time still is there/Your fragile bones now control your joy, To step on your old board never is a thought/Fond memories of last year make me miss it more, the good times that I had with friends who are/No more than perfect.
Track Name: Green Mountain
Waiting inside my cell walls, for things to happen but don’t come at all/This days different/Longing to move and move away, How I hope I hope someday/My luck changes/The air I breath is just as fake, Like the people that surround me as I take/Their joy for kindness/I see the world as it is, no one cares anymore then you/Soon enough I’ll be gone/Tomorrow sure is coming fast, my only hope has gone and past/Green mountain how I miss you, green mountain how I miss you.