I don't know you

by Among Giants

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This album was recorded in one night by live takes into an 8-track.


released October 8, 2010

Recorded By: Jason Coker

Get Better! Records



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Among Giants Orlando, Florida

Greg Hughes
Zachary Anderson
Michael Eliassen

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Track Name: Dull Days
Dull days surround me, while the future isn’t looking good at least I’ll say the past was fun/ memories collapse me, tell me now how bringing down the world with me will do us good/ I’m keeping secrets, of what I did and what I did not no one knows what’s going on/ My family’s broken, crashing down the pillars that once kept us on our two legs/ I’m watching my best friend, leave me on the side of the road, helpless and long forgotten/Under a street sign, that says kid you are far from home, you need to learn to live on your own now.
Track Name: That Week In July
All these things that I have, bringing down my life. Make days seem, so much slower. And is it even worth it, putting up a fight. To keep this thing going, so I can live my life. Yeah I knew you, but no I don't know you. How come I can't, hold a single fucking breath. Sometimes my life seems boring, just waiting for my turn. Its a never ending line of, people in the exact same situation. Yeah I knew you, but no I don't know you. And why can't god just, strike some luck upon me. Yeah I knew you, but no I don't know you. And wait two more months, and times will gain some steam again.
Track Name: There Is a Ghost
3am each night. Is the time I fear most. Sensing someone, makes home feel like hell. And Maybe its just me, but maybe its not. And maybe I can see, but maybe I cannot. There is a ghost, and I'm sure of it. And as if god just, created this feeling. So helpless with no hope. Oh if its just you I might understand you coming here but no, its just not you its all of the people that I've ever hurt. There is a ghost, and I'm sure of it.
Track Name: Be Calm
Two worlds two lives in one, location perfection/Finally has a chance here/We both know this is good for us to learn how to, build off of one of each, each other/But if it’s distance you need I’m staying right put/Don’t tell me to go I’m living here too/This town is mine just as much as it’s yours/So keep to yourself or be calm/Some say this is a big mistake to pack up and leave, but I see more than just that/A new town to start fresh upon, a new town to live/A new town to explore, and wander/But if it’s distance you need I’m staying right put/Don’t tell me to go I’m living here too/This town is mine just as much as it’s yours/So keep to yourself or be calm.
Track Name: Diane
Diane why won't you just come back to our family and join us, here's an open seat. Open hearts will always bring you peace. Diane why won't you just drop the life that you're living and finally come back home. keep to yourself and hold on to what you love. Joan maybe it's you, who is the problem, did you ever think only you could fix. Every argument and unkind word said on those nights where she swung back. Whether its you or me we are both wrong, letting the other get right up and walk. Regardless of trust you're family you are my blood. Diane please don't go its raining far too hard, to step off this porch without setting us off. And I'll always love you and I'll always care but after today you need to know, that I won't see you, I'll miss you Diane.
Track Name: Basement Home
Those years in high school were my favorite, and my least favorite of all time. Because times have changed too much, now I can't keep love in my life. Why won't you take care of your body, those drugs won't help you at all. Your lungs can't take it much longer. Why can't you stop before the doctors are attentively, pumping fluids into your veins. No one's ever made me so proud, as when I saw you loving life drug free and having fun. And off of maple street where you reside is the downfall of this life you love. And no one's ever made me so proud, no one's ever made me proud.
Track Name: Day and Night
In my house I tell myself that it is quite okay to sit around all day and night. And I know I could be doing more, but I don't see the relevance to that and wasted nights alone. Late at night, I wait for hands to spin so I can fall asleep feeling good about the day, that I've wasted. Oh when will I realize that I need to change and, oh when will I realize Vero Beach isn't me, and why can't I move away sooner than the date posted, and why can't I walk out on the things I love in life.
Track Name: This Life is Caving
What if I started smoking, seeing every bit of anger being released right through my lips and fingertips, and the teeth you've pried at long. You've asked me to quit it cold but deep down is the love to do whats really wrong. What if I stopped loving, the things that gave me so much joy, now seemed pushed right out of my mind. And fun for me is burning out on a rugged couch, with people that I've never met in my whole life. Sometime soon I need to see that you were right. And I can't sit around all my life and waste what I have in my life. Yeah its only been a year but, in that time I've lost my being.